I want to know how things work, how vegetables grow and how bread is made. I'm curious to technique, cultures, society and people. It becomes even more interesting if Google doesn't know the answer. The best way to learn is to practice and dive into the deep.



1998 Industrial Product Design / Haagse Hogeschool HTS / graduated engineer 

2003 Industrial design / Design Academy Eindhoven / department Work and Mobility.



2021 Solidworks Simulation dynamic/non-lineair

2024 Circo Track bikes and related safety products



I started at a small design agency in Tilburg in 1998. I was just graduated from the Technical High School and continued at the Design Academy Eindhoven part time course. In each job I learned a lot and brought with me the experience from previous jobs. In these years I have gained a lot of knowledge about production techniques, integration of electronics and the design and development process for small 1 day projects up to long term 3 years projects in complex products with over 100 unique parts .



Prodesign Tilburg 1998-2002 

Electronical products, work stations for dealing rooms.

Plastics, sheet metal.

Work in a small team with a wide variety of products, managed products for production and installation on location.


Tristar Europe BV Tilburg 2002-2004

Consumer household appliances. Import from China and Turkey.

Styling, color, print, packaging.

Experience travel abroad, visiting factories in China, managing multiple projects of consumer goods.


Sinot Design 2004-2005

Bank interiors, including quotations and pilot management.

Experienced to work with multiple customers and projects simultaniously.


API Neon 2005-2008

Point of Sale items, Signs and Displays.

Including international sales assistant to pitch ideas and China visit for realisation of the ideas.

Managing a lot of ideas and short-term projects for international brands, find solutions in very short time for a very low budget. 


Betronic 2008-2013

Electronic product development for e-bikes, e-steps and sustainability products like solar panels and wind mills. Integration of electronics in mechanical parts including design and performance optimisation, in close collaboration of hardware, sotware and PCB design. 


BeSafe 2013 - 08/2022

Design and development of child car seats. Long-term projects from sketch to production, including prototypes for crash tests up to responsibility for production.

Safety, design for assembly and cost-driven development are key in this process.


Pi Development 09/2022-01-2023

Modyn Design that moves - 2024

Design agencies. Several bike and mobility related projects with the rola as a senior design engineer.





1K / 2K / over moulded

very experienced with PP / PC / ABS / TPE / TPU / PA / EPP / EPS 



welding / sheet metal bending / aluminium extrusion / metal forming / mechanical connections



integration of electronics / display User Experience / heat dispersion / cable connections / display integration / performance optimization.


Prototyping Ultimaker / Simplify 3D / Cura


3D: Solidworks 1997-2020 including EPDM

Simulation: Flow simulation / Solidworks Simulation (both courses finished)

Rendering: Photoview 360 / Visualize


2D: Photoshop / Illustrator / Sketchbook Pro



I like to sport. I row, cycle, hike. I excel in a team where I can learn from my team members and colleagues. I motive them the same as they inspire me. Even close to freezing rowing is a magnificent experience, however also riding in t-shirt in summer time will make my day.

I like to take my bike and decide to go left or right on the moment itself and explore where the road will bring me.